What is Jix-A-wall?

Jix-A-wall is a state of the art, flexible exhibition walling system. Our unique patented connectors are the key to creating endless combinations. Easy to move and reconfigure, the system is as flexible as your imagination allows.

Jix-A-wall panels are manufactured in various sizes with a choice of different base feet to suite all needs. Available in 4 finishes; unfinished ply,  for personalised ‘do-it-yourself’ decoration, primed finish, standard crisp white, or to your own desired colour.

The Jix-A-wall exhibition system can be further personalised with its accessory range of matching stackable plinths, designer shelves & lighting solutions. Jix-A-Wall is the perfect solution for any project, big or small, temporary or permanent.

The Jix-A-wall range can be used as dividers, panels, walling or simply for the most basic of displays. Our Jix-A-wall range constantly being updated, so remember to call back and check our ‘coming soon’ pages for exiting new products.

Whether you are an exhibitor, from the educational sector, a charity, government body, or gallery our bespoke design & planning service can cater for your every need.

Jix-A-wall Components

Wall Panels

Archway Kit

Each archway also comes complete with archway end caps, as featured above

Please note that the Archway kits can only be used with 2400 high panels


  • White Matt Finish
  • White Satin Finish
  • Decorate Yourself
  • Colour Finish (Any RAL / matt or satin)


2x connectors are required per connection
All Components priced in pairs

  • 2 Way Connector Creates straight lines and L shapes
  • 'Y' Connector Creates a Y shape 3 way connection
  • 'X' Connector Creates a X shape 4 way connection
  • 45° Connector Creates a 45° angled connection
  • 60° Connector Creates a 60° angled connection
  • 'T' Connector Creates a T shape 3 way connection
  • Wall Bracket Provides extra stability where required


2x feet are required per panel
Please note that the plunge foot requires the Plunge Foot Plate.
All components priced in pairs
*All wall panels come with screw feet as standard

  • Adjustable Screw Foot 45mm thread £poa
  • 100mm ∅ locking wheel £poa
  • 100mm ∅ non-locking wheel £poa
  • T-leg on adjustable feet £poa
  • 50mm ∅ T-leg locking wheel £poa
  • 50mm ∅ T-leg non-locking wheel £poa

All prices quoted are regular retail price, discount is available on bulk orders

Why not check out our exciting range of Jix-A-Wall accessories?

Jix-A-Box = Stackable and Storage Plinths
Jix-A-Shelf = Shelves and Arches
Jix-A-Light = Lighting solutions

Buyers Guide

step 1 – Choose your Panel Size
step 2 – Choose your Connectors
step 3 – Choose your Feet*
step 4– Choose your Finish

It’s as simple as that!