Jix-A-wall is a completely flexible, exhibition system, available in a variety of sizes and finishes. Jix-A-Wall panels can be personalised with its range of Jix-Accessories and Jix-A-Box plinths, creating endless combinations and making it a must have for all your exhibition needs.

Jix-A-Box is our versatile plinth range, which allows you to create multiple configurations that perfect compliment the Jix-A-Wall systems. Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes, the Jix-A-Box range is the perfect addition to any exhibition for both displays and storage.

Jix-Accessories offer even more flexibility with the Jix-A-Wall range. Compromising of lighting, shelves and the unique patented Stas picture hanging system, the possibilities are endless therefore allowing you to create complete exhibitions that are as flexible as your imagination.

Stak-A-Way is our flexible designer desk system that can be easily dismantled, making storing away simple and space-saving. The versatile pedestals can be stacked to form banks of lockers, thus creating further storage possibilities whilst utilising the same equipment.