What is Jix-A-Box?

Jix-A-Box is our exciting range of display boxes and stackable plinths. Currently available in rectangular and hexagonal sets (or individually on request), Jix-A-Box provides endless possibilities for creative displays no matter how big or small your project.

Designed with flexibility in mind, the lightweight boxes are hollow and store neatly inside each other, allowing you to create more floor space if needed.

Also within the Jix-A-Box range is the square storage box, offering an excellent display area whilst also providing a secure store under the hinged lid, perfect for holding excess stock or unsightly packaging.

The multiple uses of the Jix-A-Box range enable you to get the most for your money whilst giving you the flexibility to combine them in numerous configurations. The Jix-A-Box range is available in 4 finishes; unfinished ply, primed finish for personalised do-it-yourself decoration, standard crisp white, or to your own desired colour.

Whether you are a designer, exhibitor, college or museum our bespoke design & planning service can cater for your every need.

The Jix-A-Box Required Components

Plinth Styles, Shapes and Sizes

  • Rectangular Box Kit

    box 01 = a 600, b 300, c 395mm
    box 02 = a 900, b 400, c 495mm
    box 03 = a 1125, b 600, 595mm

  • Hexagonal Box Kit

    box 04 = a 900, b 450, c 395mm
    box 05 = a 1200, b 600, c 495mm
    box 06 = a 1400, b 700, c 595mm

  • Square Storage Box

    box 07 = a 1175, b 1175, c 470mm
    box 07 lid = a 1175, b 588mm

  • These are our standard components
    All boxes can be purchased individually
    For bespoke shapes & sizes please contact us for a quote


  • White Satin Finish
  • White Matt Finish
  • Decorate Yourself
  • Colour Finish (Any Ral/ matt or satin)

All prices quoted are regular retail price, discount is available on bulk orders

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Buyers Guide

step 1 – Choose your Plinth Shape
step 2 – Choose your Plinth Size
step 3- Choose your Finish
It’s as simple as that!